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With the environment changing, it is necessary for businesses to think and grow green in order to protect the planet, while also staying competitive.

We are committed to assist you and your organization find the solution to be ‘green’ champions. Our solutions and services are directed towards enabling you to create an organization that is sustainable and profitable. This will distinguish you from your competitors and provide you with a competitive advantage.

We work across verticals on green consulting with the aim of creating an efficient and carbon neutral structure. We work not only on green solutions for companies but also for the most critical organization – the household.

We encourage you to have a look at the links on our website for a snapshot on our various verticals in green consulting.
” I really think that green means green. This is a time period where environmental solutions implementation will bring us to a higher level of consciousness and profitability. “
Jeffrey R Immelt | Chairman & CEO, GE

THE NEW ROLE OF THE CEO. Today’s business operate amid a hot house of evolutionary pressures: collapsing industries, distrust of institutions, automations, artificial intelligence, rising inequality, climate change, and resource depletion. Not surprisingly, many leaders and organizations find difficult to respond to this unprecedented degree of change. However, a small but growing numbers are exhibiting new leadership reflexes and organizational adaptations to ensure their business impact is conducive to life of the 21st century and beyond. We stand at a fork in the road. Over the next few years, both leaders and organizations will face two choices: rapidly evolve toward an equitable and sustainable relationship with our planet’s life support systems, or delay and face the wrath of angry citizens and alienated customers.

These leaders realize that, in an era of accelerating change, organizations need to innovate rapidly. After all, the choices businesses make today have the potential to either vastly improve the lives of future generations – or end them. There is no road map and the stakes have never been higher. So where do we go from here? Leaders on Purpose is a cross-sector international collaborative dedicated to recognizing, analysing, and developing innovative leadership strategies related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Combining expertise in the fields of business (Unilever), international organizations (World Bank), and academia (Harvard and LSE), Leaders on Purpose have conducted a comprehensive and in-depth study or purpose-driven leadership.


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Nikole's Suggested TED Talks

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