Your Health

14. 07. 14

Reuse Cooking Water

Reuse leftover water from steaming vegetables in soup or other cooking. Don’t pour the vitamins and flavor down the drain.

Walk to Lunch

Whenever you can, walk to and from lunch. You’ll get fresh air and exercise, save gasoline, digest your food better, and feel better. It’s better all around!

Skip the Elevator

Take the stairs, and burn calories instead of energy.

Ride Your Bike

Most Americans live within 5 miles of work or school. Try commuting by bike at least once a week. You’ll get in shape, save gas money, cut emissions, and avoid parking.

Eco Friendly Products

A lot of energy goes into making commercial cleaning products. Instead, try vinegar and water, or simple dish soap. They can clean just about anything, and cost less too.

Grow Your Own Food

A seasonal herb and vegetable garden provides affordable organic produce without a trip to the grocery store. Keep it simple and plant varieties that thrive in your climate.

Sweep Don’t Spray

Use a broom to clean your driveway or sidewalk instead of hosing it down. The extra exercise is good for you!

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods take energy to produce and often have long delivery distances. Fresh local foods use less energy and are much healthier.

Raw Foods

Eat more raw foods. You’ll get more vitamins and fiber, and save the time and energy of cooking them.