14. 07. 14

Use the Slow Boat

Trucking, rail and shipping are less energy intensive, and less expensive, than air freight. If you don’t need it fast, save the added cost and go slow.

Get In Tune

Tuned up engines run better, idle smoother and use less fuel.

Zen Driving

Slow and steady wins the race. Avoid fast starts and hard braking. Coast to red lights. A relaxed driving style saves energy and makes traffic bearable. 


Live close to campus? Think about a scooter instead of a car. You could get more than 100 mpg. (But wear a helmet.)

Buy a High Miler

Get a car that uses the least fuel for the job. Lots of city driving? Hybrid or electric. Lots of highway? Diesel or high mpg gasoline. For greatest savings, look for a car built near you.

Fill Your Tires

The right air pressure makes the car handle better, ride more smoothly and quietly on the highway, and get more miles per gallon.

Walk to Lunch

Whenever you can, walk to and from lunch. You’ll get fresh air and exercise, save gasoline, digest your food better, and feel better. It’s better all around!

Take the Bus or Train

Take the train or bus to the office, and you can read a book or catch up on work while you commute.

Ride Your Bike

Most Americans live within 5 miles of work or school. Try commuting by bike at least once a week. You’ll get in shape, save gas money, cut emissions, and avoid parking.