At the Office

14. 07. 14

Report All Leaks

Report broken pipes, open hydrants, errant sprinklers, running toilets or leaky sinks to the superintendent, property owner or a city dispatcher.

Rent a High Miler

Even if the company’s picking up the tab, rent a smaller-engine car that saves gasoline. It’s easier to park too.

Skip the Flight

Airfare is expensive and highly energy intensive. Don’t fly unless you really have to. Video conferencing can be just as effective, and save a day or more of your time.

Use the Slow Boat

Trucking, rail and shipping are less energy intensive, and less expensive, than air freight. If you don’t need it fast, save the added cost and go slow.

Ride Your Bike

Most Americans live within 5 miles of work or school. Try commuting by bike at least once a week. You’ll get in shape, save gas money, cut emissions, and avoid parking.

Skip the Elevator

Take the stairs, and burn calories instead of energy.


Share the driving. You’ll save gas money, enjoy some conversation, and make a big impact by taking a car off the road.

Multipurpose Office Appliances

Instead of having a printer, copier and scanner, choose an all-in-one model. It takes less energy to run, and takes up less space in the office.