ZorbTech Environmental Solutions

ZorbTech is a privately owned company whose principals have been focused on the treatment of heavy metal contaminants in wastewater since 2004.  ZorbTech’s proprietary, patent-pending technologies deliver heavy metal effluent concentration levels that meet or exceed the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the standards required under the Great Lakes Initiative.


ZorbTech's highly efficient wastewater treatment system is designed to remove heavy metals from wastewater without impacting flow rates, regardless of the volume of water being treated - and to do so more economically than any of its competitors.  The key to the system is ZorbTech's unique, proprietary, and patent pending adsorbing resin that acts as the world's most powerful magnet for heavy metals in contaminated wastewater.

Based upon the extensive testing performed thus far, there hasn’t been anything to come close to the capability of this resin… The past treatment systems don’t work to get mercury down to the ultra-low levels needed to meet both the Great Lakes standard of 1.3 ng/L nor, in some cases, the 12 ng/L requirement for all of the 18 states that Mercury One does business in.

Major Markets

1. Industrial plants, including Chlor-Alkali manufacturers using mercury.
2. Municipal wastewater facilities, particularly those required to adhere to the Great Lakes Initiative.
3. Gold mining operations that "roast" their own ore.
4. Resource companies that use hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and natural gas from shale rock.

Primary Benefits

Customers enjoy a number of benefits from utilizing ZorbTech's advanced wastewater treatment systems. Primary benefits include:

1.  Compliance with state, federal, and international effluent standards.
2.  Enhanced competitive positioning due to industry low operational costs.
3.  Support for their corporate sustainability goals and objectives.
4.  Reduction in potential environmental liability.
5.  Substantially improved public, government/regulator, and investor relations. 


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