Go Green Live Rich -
by: David Bach

Bach is on a mission to teach the world that you can live a great life by living a green life. With Go Green, Live Rich, you can live in line with your eco-values on the road to financial freedom. The author presents a grocery list of helpful changes that can save you and the environment. Some are common sense, like favoring high MPG vehicles, while others might not seem like such a great deal until you crunch some numbers and look at statistics.

The Geography of HOPE -  A tour of the world we need
by: Chris Turner

Turner takes a year-long tour around the world, visiting places that are implementing solutions for sustainable living. A zero-net energy island in Denmark. Community Supported Agriculture in USA. Plug-in hybrid cars. Earthship homes in New Mexico. Radical improvements in waste recycling. “Turner has helped push us ever closer to Malcolm Gladwell’s, after which sustainable living should, become second nature to our species” -The Globe and Mail

The Assault on Reason
by: Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore

Gore argues that there is a trend in U.S. politics toward ignoring facts and analysis when making policy decisions and the press for being complicit in the process. He is suggesting that citizen must be proactive in "restoring democracy". He expresses hopes that the medium of the Internet will supersede television and what he argues is its inherent bias, creating a "marketplace of ideas" that has not been present since the replacement of the printed word with mass media.

The Necessary Revolution: How individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world.
by: Peter M. Senge, Bryan Smith, [….]

This long awaited book fulfills all of my expectations for a manual to help us create the conversations and collaboration necessary to reclaim our world's health. There have been quite a few high impact books helping us understand the extent of the challenges we face as we look forward to create a sustainable world.

An Inconvenient Truth - by Al Gore
The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It

Based on Gore's lecture tour this book elaborates and brings together leading-edge research from top scientists around the world; “As for why so many people still resist what the facts clearly show, I think, in part, the reason is that the truth about the climate crisis is an inconvenient one that means we are going to have to change the way we live our lives.”