NIKOLE BÉLANGER, CEO (Chief Environmental Officer)

Nikole Bélanger has over thirty years of experience managing and developing businesses in multiple disciplines. She has successfully developed and implemented concepts into various industries such as fashion, power transmission and distribution, and telecommunications. Nikole has also worked extensively on developing not-for-profit organizations. An idealist with a global vision and an eye for detail, Nikole continuously brings together people and ideas. Nikole is a passionate environmentalist, who works at developing awareness and action on environmental sustainability along with climate change concerns. Her knowledge on environmental technology and her strong networking abilities are key assets to provide strong interpersonal services with an emphasis on green living. 

Nikole's experience includes six years with her previous consulting telecommunication company “Can We Talk Ltd.”, seven years co-owner and VP of Marketing and International Sales (transmission & distribution) of Implo Technologies, ten years as owner and president of Nikobelli Inc. (a Prêt-à-Porter boutique offering personalized consultation services for mid – high management female professionals) and ten years as a Buyer and Supervisor Manager for high end boutiques in Montréal - one of the first women to do so.

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Originally from Montréal, Nikole's entrepreneurial spirit was evident at an early age when she started cutting hair in her local neighbourhood for a couple of dollars. From her late teens to her late twenties, Nikole pursued a highly successful career as a model. During this time, Nikole attended McGill University to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree and then the University of Montréal for Fashion Design & Haute Couture. It was during this time that she developed a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed. 

Nikole’s passion for the environment started when she was a child. Nikole suffered from health issues early in her life; she was anemic and asthmatic. After receiving a number of discouraging diagnoses from her doctor, her mother decided to send her out to the Québec countryside to live on her aunt and uncle’s farm. Her aunt taught her to live off the land by teaching her how to eat healthy and organically, hot to utilize various farming techniques, such as milk extraction, and how to plant and harvest vegetables. As Nikole learned to live off the earth, her health started to improve. This experience led Nikole to realize the fundamental importance of the environment and how it can be a positive influence in one’s life. Since then, Nikole's focus has been on raising awareness of environmental issues and showing people how they can enrich their lives through the benefits of ecocentric solutions.


Nikole is also the founder of WIN - World Interpersonal Network & the WIN Foundation. Created with the idea of giving back to the community, WIN works with industry leaders and individuals to expand their social, spiritual, and environmental outlook while instilling the process to learn, grow and think green. The WIN Foundation also works towards creating awareness on global issues and conducts fund raising activities to support worthy causes.

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In April 2008 Nikole was selected as one of the official presenter for The Climate Reality Project - Canada (TCRP). Trained by Nobel Laureate Mr. Al Gore, Nikole commits time to give detailed presentations on climate, environmental emergencies, prevention and solutions. The presentations are based on the award winning film, "An Inconvenient Truth".

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Nikole was also awarded the Personality of the Year Award by the World Organization of Natural Medicine, University of Humanitarian Registry and Accolade Committee. The award was presented to Nikole for her efforts to bring public attention to WONM Clinics for Humanity and the Environment by way of public engagements, print and other media.

Nikole has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who, for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in the environmental consulting by creating opportunities and alliances that make both economic and environmental sense. Nikole was also named a VIP member of Cambridge Who's Who for 2011 - 2013, recognizing her exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional goals.

Nikole is also a member of the International Women's Leadership Association (IWLA)

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