Nikole with four green-minded leaders

NIKOBEL is a consulting unit dedicated to providing personal and professional development services and solutions to business and future leaders. Nikobel’s expertise lies in advising on sustainable technologies and green business alliances. We provide support and solutions through one-to-one consultation and coaching, recommendations on resource development and strategic partnerships, and networking opportunities for business growth. Nikobel works passionately towards a green economy. We work towards reducing collective carbon emissions by supporting green energy developments and facilitating green investments for new technologies.

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To be a leader of change in the campaign for environmental sustainability and a greener tomorrow.


Tirelessly work towards reducing personal and collective carbon emissions by supporting green energy developments and investing in the new green economy.

Work with businesses and provide them with the solutions to reduce their environmental impact and to achieve sustainability.

We are currently experiencing a transformative time
with respect to our economy, our environment, we
recognize the need for unity and our vision is to
create alliances that not only impact each other, but
also the future of our planet."

- Nikole Bélanger

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